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The video editor – competitors

We have been carefully monitoring the development of the field for the past three years and have analysed about 50 international competitor. Here are the best of them:






Biteable –

Loss of control from the beginning

Biteable is very hard competitor, there is a relatively broad material library with live graphics and videos. But majority of templates bold and based on superficial and humorous declarations. For business users they have something to choose from:

These Explainer videos can be decorated with still images only, no own videos at all.

Very slow text editor, a simple text update takes 10 SEC. Video is not playing at all – no video preview! Resolution is not FullHD but only 720p HD TV. Editing text is a primitive experience, font size cannot be changed. Line brake cannot be controlled. Neither the timing of the text is unconrollable, everything is repeted at the same boring rythm.

Actually this experience is just like all the other competitors – images and texts are editable, but the form of cinematic narrative – the rhythm and the atmosphere – is lost. Specially in Biteable since there is no video preview at all.


Still-image-based templates where fonts and graphics restlessly jump araound all the time. Basically, only one clip templates bundled in a row to give the impression of a longer story.

The idea is to have one or two words on top of each video and keep the speed high. Templates are mostly stylish, rotating giant fonts and hipsters surfing. The aim is to get lifestyle bloggers and vloggers excited.
You can add your own videos and change the text, but there
aren´t any helpful guidance in the process of storytelling.

Hype without a stucture

3D Objects is, in that sense, this is a challenging competitor. Likewise, some pop style transition effect templates that are already a pretty bad competitor but fortunately their spirit is very hipster & yankee hype style. These transitions are elegant but again there is no deeper reason or ”motivation” connected to the story of the video.

AdLaunch –

poor templates

New player – AdLaunch was presented at Slush 2017.  Offers stock videos and some templates. Practically these templates are very poor in content, though they are presented at AdLaunch webpage as of important “feature”. 

The interface was really dumb and covered the video. When choosing music, the UX was jerky and annoying. Very smelly and hasty feeling. If user change a font, it has to be copy & paste on every title manually. There are no animation for the texts, they are just standing on top of the video. Most boring.

Does not allow users to have a textless clip, but always force the text in.
Completely unfinished product and leaves all creative responsibility, as well as all narration on the user’s shoulders.

A nicely marketed product that will disappoint when something really needs to be created.

Viddyoze – 15 sec opening titles

An application focused on pure logo animation. A few seconds of opening title animations and ”call to actions”.

Technically the best and this must be actively monitored.
Viddyoze business is relatively expensive – $ 143 per month. There is no supported narration, so despite this compelling package, this service is very modest if you want to share a story or present your service with video.


Rigid slideshow for business

Business templates are just slide show image transitions that can only be upoloaded with still images and are just 20 secs long.
Rotating a logo on a futuristic landscape is just a small part of narration and leaves other video editing to the customer’s own responsibility.

Promo –

one clip ads

Technically hard competitor. The material library is big and includes video banks like gettyimages videos.

But no templates, no storyboards. Only the video on which the text is stitched. Everything must be built manually.

Only still images like logos could be uploaded into moving video (such as a laptop screen) if you paid $ 99 a month. Templates are nothing but a like a single-shot 15 sec shout outs like ”pure sun erengy for everyone!” and drone airplane video clip from solar panels. Once again a service suitable for very short video videos that clearly have the highest demand among consumers, not in business users.

Summary of competitors

Although many competitors have already implemented a functioning on-line editor and include high-quality video libraries in their service, this is just the beginning of video communication. True service and guided narration are created from genuine, usable templates. This is still a very modest quality among all competitors.

Trend in online video 2019 is square somevideo videos that last only 15-20 seconds and contain a 2-3 information points. People do not have the time or the patience to watch a longer period video, while watching their endless some stream.

Still, the need for a longer-lasting and deeper narrative presentation and corporate video is real – as evidenced by interest in Cineshare at Allto University, many ad agancies and Nokia.

With this niche market, Cineshare is able to beat and provide a model for a video publishing platform that gives salespersons something new and fascinating. Advertising agencies get a publication platform for real, controlled and professional storytelling. We have the opportunity to spread worldwide a highly sophisticated video design tool.