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Renderfarm Case: The Truth – musicvideo by Steel Jungle


Who is Pekka Varis?
Please introduce us to yourself and to your band, STEEL JUNGLE.



i am an enthuast video artist and dad. i play drums and percussions too in Steel Jungle. I record, mix and make our stuff.


You are like a Swiss Army Knife, a musician and a 3D artist in one:) How do you split between the two?

ha! easily. I visited 2 times mental asylum and got all the seams polished 🙂
Then I started my career as cinematographer and 3d motion designer. I have been doing it for 20 years now.


What inspired your newly released track and what are the steps in composing such a song?





Steel Jungle – The Truth ENG


The video looks awesome and we loved the slow pacing! Besides looking very cool, why the pile of discarded wheels? Is there a hidden message behind that choice?


yes it makes our small, shy and cheap performance as a metal band to stand out, looking sharp ass above all bullshit we are surrounded with. Also I think this modeling artist who made it is cool guy, he has a lot to offer.  And guys at Corona renderer support helped me to setup all corona material channels in Cinema 4d, since the models were not native corona.

Can you tell us what made you choose for your project?

You had a great value in rendering power and your support is best I have ever seen.

What software and plugins did you use for your project and why?

corona renderer and cinema 4d since they are so easy to use and learn. After Effects since I have used it from version 1.  there is no alternative. Also these excellent resources were used:

Can you tell us a little about your creative process? (maybe a making of, or some work in progress images, tutorials for upcoming artists..etc)

The best part of this project was playing with light & reflections coming from the Retro TV screen! I rendered a separate pass for horizontal thin lines to get the scanline feeling for the TV screen:

Then I also made a new video texture to TV, our performance in it, but this time I used it only for creating over blown reflections on metallic junk wheels.

This ”moch-up” approach to slow music video was very enjoyable, I embedded black&white rasterized videos of us also to surreal spinning pile of frames and mixed in clips from War Games movie!

Bringing this video to life was an incredible experience for us and we really enjoyed working with you! Can you tell us a bit about your experience in working with us?

Well I can recall that every time there when I contacted you I got very fast solutions sorted out. Also the simple workflow in is so good, I just upload the scene to your site with my own fast FTP and I can set the rendering to run from your webpage with the MOST MINIMALISTIC and EFFECTIVE user interface.

What’s next for Pekka and STEEL JUNGLE?

Steel Jungle celebrates the new album by jamming the songs in it with new cajon percussion set and half acoustic setup, it springtime and we can play at parks! My company is developing a ground braking 3D video presentation tool!


  • Your logo in a format with alpha channel

  • Yours & band short description (a short text to describe yourself and your music). This is separate from the interview.

It was in the year 2006, when those three lunatic musicians from Helsinki prepared for the killing fields and founded the progressive metal trio Steel Jungle. Today in 2021 the band is still completely unknown to the broader audience, but has become a legendary setup.


  • A short description of your video (what it represents; inspiration …or whatever you think is relevant). This is also separate from the interview.

This music video The Truth is a minimalistic LYRIC video, new kind of visual artform where users are listening to the music & watching the video but at the same time they browse, play, create content or do something else – write a review maybe! So it is just a surrealistic and motivational entertainment.

  • Any hashtags that you want us to insert besides our own

progressive music, animation, slow visuals

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