Valitse sivu

Things to develope

  • Running omniverse scene from web page, without Nvidia RTX card
  • Playback of external video file in Omniverse plane
  • Swapping objects
  • Navigating around with mouse

Where to look for developers?

Roberto Charreton – what can he do?
10 € hour fee for us?

Pilot 2 – Stala
Virtual Headquarters

Simple and perfect pilot project to start developing Cineshare.


Stage. A person talking in front of green screen and 3d environment behind him/her. Video screen playing a mp4 movie file.

Company presentation and history.
Just slides that users can browse through.

Virtual factory fly-through. Normal video for a start.

Booth with StalaTex & Desingers. Simple 3D room with icons, text and videos ( on a wall of the room ) that change based on what icon is selected.

Kitchen 1. Pretty 3D environment where user can move and change some 3d objects ( change kithen sink for example ).

Kitchen 2.
Kitchen 3.



Users can trigger mp4 / youtube video files playback PLAY / STOP.
Users can swap the video. 
Users can move around and swap some of the 3D objects.

No need to render videos, this is a realtime experience.

First version is super simple, no need to log in as a user.
No save options, just walk around.



Preview of the Kitchen evironment:

We get all of the Stala products as 3d objects


We decorate / design the kitchen with Stala team

Good time and opportunity to try collaborative work with 2 users at the same time! 

USD & Cineshare innovation

USD is a perfect file format for this. It is open source ( by Pixar )
Text coming..