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Origos is the technical pioneer of digital printing. You can get colorants and lacquers from them as well as a perfect color management even for small pressings. 

Origos is also a cooperative company, where all employees share the fruits of growth.
Psychiatrist Ben Furman is piloting MuksuOppi -application, with which he spreads his specialties all around the world. We created an operating system, a logo, websites and demonstration videos for Ben.


International financing company Atradius needed us to animate the heart of their operating model into few minutes.

We got the visual brief from ad-agency Total Layout and we filled the empty caps with our imagination.

Pyhä Sylvi, a hardened Finnish rock band, bought a music video where we capsulated the absurd picture of time with dancers.


Coca Cola QI (Quality Index) is a tool which Reslink created for Sinebrychoff.

We filmed a video in Hesburger and lit some delicious pictures of Coke.

Our band Sitaram & Friends performed at the India Day Concert in Kaisaniemi in 2018. Catchline Oy, with the help of assistants, took a multi-camera shot of the full 10-hour program.


In Carslberg’s castle Felschlösschen, Switzerland, we filmed a long marketing video for Reslink application.

Full name of the 11 min long epic promotion clip is Mobile Workforce management in the brewery industry.

With great passion

and laid-back attitude! Our production house sells its’ services to advertising agencies and straight to companies.
What is the price of video services?

We create genuine advertising agency level production, with mid-level pricing; one filming day is 1000 + VAT. Editing days are a little cheaper and animation services are negotiable. Usually budgets for videos are around 5000€

Who will write the script for the video?

If Catchline will take the script of the video on their shoulders, everything starts from a meeting where we will define the core message and target group for the video. Then Varis will stuff his daydreams with all of the powerpoint-material available and the idea comes up by itself. This frame will be developed together through concrete production.

Where do we get actors?

Nowadays actors are easily and cheaply available. We have hired professional presenters and models to our shoots and the feel of the productions have been very warm, without exceptions. We have often used amateur actors from amongst the employees of the customer. Often, when shooting a production environment, people are delighted as long as they are well-informed about the shooting dates and also the shooting schedule.

Who will do the voice-over?

The content of the video will be planned to be top-notch and that all important things come to light in the video. Voice-over is in an important role, and one of the most important aspects of intriguing video production is a good voice-over script. Catchline offers voice-over script writing as a part of video production, and we have several contacts to professional radio advertisement presenters.

3D animation - Will we benefit from it?

3D animated infographics, which we will color and tailor with love, are relaxing and entertaining views to tell about boring numbers and facts. We follow our field constantly and buy state-of-the-art templates (bases for animation), which are quick and flexible to be made into quality video graphics for your use.

Client Testimonials

“Reslink Solutions ordered a layout renewal of our state-of-the-art mobile solution from Pekka Varis. The work was pervasive and refined, functional graphic.”

Jukka Hautala

CO Founder, Reslink Solutions Oy (Ltd)

“We recommend strongly! Catchline Oy and Pekka Varis makes websites, logos, graphic design with great professionalism and even at short notice. With Pekka we have received a lot of praise from our customers because of the stylish websites of our company.”

Anne Heiskanen

Cafe Ann Mare

“Pekka Varis from Catchline made us a video. Big thanks and strong recommendations for this company!”

Markus Lindberg

CEO, Ulcona Oy

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Vanhaistentie 12 M 79, 00420 Helsinki

GSM +358 50 340 7048