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Blockchain Archive

Business Finland financed Joisto´s Blockchain Archive solution. We animated some busy info-graphics about this high tech feature.

Joisto is world’s first multi tenant commercial Blockchain Archive.


In the frontier of automation and logistics is revolutionary Pickway. We made a dark, fast and technically inspirational video about this new company.


Designed to improve ergonomics with the industry’s widest range of posture possibilities. Powered by smart controls that help you work more fluently.

At the same time we also did a video for another Merivaara Oy product:

Grand Promerix

We build a unique studio from scratch to customers estate and styled these very expensive products like never before.


Restaurant Venetzia ordered some delicious shots of salad & stakes.
We found beautiful models to enrich this promo.

Music video for Blue-collar workers

With the funding from few foundations, Catchline created this artsy music video for working class choir. 50 senior actors worked together like a machine!

Dancer Heini Harjaluoma delivered a top performance on first take without no warm up or rehearsal.

Along with videos, we also create stylish and functional websites.


Joisto, Finnish leader of digitally stored and managed documents wanted a short and compact video about what they are.

Easy and colourful video about difficult topic. Works for IT management around the world!

For Talousnosturi Oy we filmed impressive hero-videos for their websites, ordered by advertisement agency Tehtaankatu Oy and award winning AD Samuli Harjunpää.


ACG Pulse Oy needed a snappy film for their international marketing. We wrapped a colorful and impressive 3D animation from a CAD model. After the video the company integrated to ETRA Oy to continue their work under their wing.
After this video was published, ACG Pulse merged to large company ETRA to fulfill their mission.
Internationally award winning service design agency SEOS Design ordered a video and websites from us. We filmed designers in the midst of their work as well as genuine and authentic film from their big clients’ demo spaces.


Great Nordic event planner EasyFairs is familiar to all of us. We got to form a partnership in video production and we started with a light clip, which EasyFairs used to market all of their events this year.
We are going to continue co-operation with videos from Messukeskus with Easyfairs.
On the giant screens of Flamingo runs a fresh spot from Kitty Cat Beauty Center and on their info boards another portrait-ad all around the shopping centre.

Client Testimonials

“Pekka Varis created an advertisement video for our company from beginning to end with cost-effectiveness, high quality and a good visual eye. He helped us with his professionalism to avoid expensive mistakes and secondly made sure, that the project was finished in time and with desired results. Pekka is enthusiastic, customer-oriented, knowledgeable and affectionate maker who I can warmly recommend for video filming projects!”

Tommi Hänninen


“We searched for a quick and sure-footed designer in the midst of a pilot project, and we found Catchline Oy. Efficient and fast action, we recommend without hesitation!”

Antti Känsälä


With great passion

and laid-back attitude! Our production house sells its’ services to advertising agencies and straight to companies.
What is the price of video services?

We create genuine advertising agency level production, with mid-level pricing; one filming day is 1000 + VAT. Editing days are a little cheaper and animation services are negotiable. Usually budgets for videos are around 5000€

Who will write the script for the video?

If Catchline will take the script of the video on their shoulders, everything starts from a meeting where we will define the core message and target group for the video. Then Varis will stuff his daydreams with all of the powerpoint-material available and the idea comes up by itself. This frame will be developed together through concrete production.

Where do we get actors?

Nowadays actors are easily and cheaply available. We have hired professional presenters and models to our shoots and the feel of the productions have been very warm, without exceptions. We have often used amateur actors from amongst the employees of the customer. Often, when shooting a production environment, people are delighted as long as they are well-informed about the shooting dates and also the shooting schedule.

Who will do the voice-over?

The content of the video will be planned to be top-notch and that all important things come to light in the video. Voice-over is in an important role, and one of the most important aspects of intriguing video production is a good voice-over script. Catchline offers voice-over script writing as a part of video production, and we have several contacts to professional radio advertisement presenters.

3D animation - Will we benefit from it?

3D animated infographics, which we will color and tailor with love, are relaxing and entertaining views to tell about boring numbers and facts. We follow our field constantly and buy state-of-the-art templates (bases for animation), which are quick and flexible to be made into quality video graphics for your use.