responsible visuals by

pekka varis

4K advertisement videographer,
graphic designer,
video-designer and animator.

catchline partnerS

Drumsö Brand Machine –

Ad Lounge in Apollonkatu


Pekka Varis is a part of Drumsö Brand Machine‘s expert network, which is firmly led by brand expert Pasi Turkka.



New giant screen street level manufacturing and media selling Ulcona Oy is a new and candid competitor in the business. We have networked as partners and we make living graphics for variety of uses.
Ulcona Oy has 4 full-time sales persons, still growing with an unbeatable product.

Sampo Mansnerus, Top Light Productions

Sampo is a Master of Cinema Directing from Petersburg Film school and has directed the full-feature film “Long Way Down”. When he moved back to Finland, Sampo established an ad-agency called Top Light Productions, whose expertise and equipment Catchline uses when needed.

Sami Vähä-Herttua, Samin Studio

Sami is a musician, who makes ethereal, ethnic and fruitful commercial music, and we have made several successful projects with him. Samin Studio has created unique synth-music with great attitude and mighty soundscapes for several of our video productions. We have also made three music videos with him. “Isi oli Kiljupunkkari” -song has 50 000 viewers already! On the video for “Metsäbileet” -song one can see the most beautiful grassroots people, who have been filmed in the 2000’s in Helsinki, even though the song itself is a thin satire about hippies.