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Template 1 – Journey to the Future

This is the first template to sell to Ulcona Oy Trashbins
media space users all around Finnish shopping malls.

10 sec. lenght & variations to other medias 10 – 30 sec.

Here is excel where Pekka has gathered the most important details & cost estimations:




This is based on simple visual journey from old to new.
This is one of the most useful and general story of commercial products & services. 
The environments Pekka has chosen for this are ancient Library called ”Bookworm Experiment”, retro ”Old Classroom” and tidy ”Bike Shop Environment”


Users can edit the text and swap the decorative 3D objects.

Camera timing can be adjusted, and many different ”fly by” paths for cameras are made for user to select.

Editing is fast and easy, and final video is rendered in high quality Path Traced mode in 30 min – 1 hour.


Preview of the evironments:

3D objects for informative decoration

Here are the assets gathered for this template. This library is naturally for all Cineshare templates later on.

How many users

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USD & Cineshare innovation

USD is a perfect file format for this. It is open source ( by Pixar )
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Template generation system

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All the video frames directly tailored for enterprises are also backwards compatible with this structure. This means they can be radically modified by returning to the fountainhead. This combination is a perfect environment for productizing Pekka Varis’ profound experience of presentation videos. Backwards engineering.

No endless amounts of variables are needed, the secret lies in reducing their best narrative models and ubique usable video aestethics of the current climate. The client is always right – moreover, he is credible in the video when he is provided with high-quality and intertwined blocks.

What will be done next?

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