responsible visuals by

pekka varis

4K advertisement videographer,
graphic designer,
video-designer and animator.

catchline partnerS

Pekka Kumpula – SEOS Design

Pekka Kumpula’s SEOS Design is an award winning creative studio in Tapiola which is specialized in service design and productization. Kumpula is a high-level consult used by Tekes and Ely-center, and he became acquainted with Catchline Oy’s operations as a service provider of Tekes’ Innovation-bill – he sparred Varis with productization of a video web program. SEOS Design and Catchline have found a common trust and creative tempo. Catchline has created an ad-video and a stylish document-style 4K movie services for SEOS Design, as well as renewed their websites. Mutually Pekka Kumpula sells and recommends the production of Catchline Oy.

Christian Dillström – Sales Salvage

Christian is one of the most followed enterprise-blogger in Finland, his blogs are read by 22 million people monthly from all around the world. Sales is a Growth Hacking company by Dillström and it sells its growth services to hundreds of international customers. Christian is taking Finnish growing companies actively to Silicon Valley. He is a so called Soft Influentor, a person whose choices and recommendations are followed. Catchline has received the honor and stroke of luck to have Christian to our video web application developing team! News from this cooperation can be read from our website soon.


Marketing as Services. Vidalco is a four-man modern marketing agency. They sell marketing to start-up companies with monthly deals and challenge traditional ad-agencies.

New giant screen street level manufacturing and media selling Ulcona Oy is a new and candid competitor in the business. We have networked as partners and we make living graphics for variety of uses.
Ulcona Oy has 4 full-time sales persons, still growing with an unbeatable product.

Sampo Mansnerus, Top Light Productions

Sampo is a Master of Cinema Directing from Petersburg Film school and has directed the full-feature film “Long Way Down”. When he moved back to Finland, Sampo established an ad-agency called Top Light Productions, whose expertise and equipment Catchline uses when needed.

Sami Vähä-Herttua, Samin Studio

Sami is a musician, who makes ethereal, ethnic and fruitful commercial music, and we have made several successful projects with him. Samin Studio has created unique synth-music with great attitude and mighty soundscapes for several of our video productions. We have also made three music videos with him. “Isi oli Kiljupunkkari” -song has 50 000 viewers already! On the video for “Metsäbileet” -song one can see the most beautiful grassroots people, who have been filmed in the 2000’s in Helsinki, even though the song itself is a thin satire about hippies.

Petri ilmarinen – Nova Modus

Nova modus is a big company that productizes and sells modular construction. It is challenging traditional city construction and architecture by selling complete and customizable packages. Like being in an car dealership! Peter Ilmarinen is the mastermind behind this courageous company, and he has a lot of contacts to international builders and owners. High-quality Fly through animation about upcoming buildings and neighborhoods will be made for Nova Modus’ services and products.
Sky’s the limit.